What is Surrey LIP

The Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a community partnership bringing diverse voices together to build an equitable and inclusive city where all immigrants, refugees and citizens thrive. Through dialogue and research, Surrey LIP’s 30+ members collaborate on innovative and community-driven strategies to meet the changing needs of one of the fastest growing cities in BC. 

Reaching out, community consultation

With one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in BC, Surrey’s needs are complex and unique. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has tasked the Surrey LIP to conduct research and community consultations towards the development of Immigrant and Refugee Strategic Plans.The Surrey LIP has contracted professional research and communication firms to lead the research and consultation.

As findings emerge and are presented, the Surrey LIP membership will review, apply its collective community knowledge and identify priority issues and means to address the unique regional needs of the community and its newest residents. 

Need for information

As Surrey’s cultural diversity grows dramatically so does the need to review and refine policies, practices and services and programs that support the community.

The City of Surrey has contracted research firms to conduct community level research and consultation. The membership of the LIP has identified research purposes and will guide it from inception to completion.

These findings will be developed into reports and presented to the LIP to inform the development of the Immigrant and Refugee Strategic Plans and for the whole community of stakeholders to use in program and service planning and policy and practice reviews.

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