#WhoWeAre: Syrian Refugee Youth Consultation
Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Close to 60 Syrian refugee youth got together to share experiences of their first 8 months in Canada and make recommendations on settlement needs in BC.

ISSofBC in partnership with The Fresh Voices Initiative of Vancouver Foundation hosted The Syrian Refugee Youth Consultation, on September 17, 2016 at the ISSofBC Welcome Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This was the first time former refugee youth were brought together in their first year in Canada and asked about their thoughts, hopes, aspirations and feedback on the programs and services they’ve accessed since their arrival to Canada.

Participants, youth between the ages 15-24, traveled from all over Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley to be part of this full-day consultation, including Surrey, Delta, Langley, Vancouver and Burnaby.

One out of every three GAR (Government Assisted Refugee) youth that arrived in Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley since November 2015 was represented at this consultation.

The second part of this project brought together representatives from private and public institutions in a Community Stakeholder Forum on October 6, 2016 to share recommendations directly from the youth. Participants at the Community Stakeholder Forum further discussed the needs, potential solutions and best practices in addressing each of the recommendations presented. This event started with a press conference, with the youth representatives speaking to media directly about the recommendations in the final summary report. 

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Source: ISS of BC