Washington briefing told of Canada's 'overwhelmingly' positive refugee response
Monday, July 11, 2016

A Canadian politician is offering Washington policy-makers a positive view of his country's experience welcoming Syrian refugees.

Arif Virani shared some observations about the experience during a briefing session on Capitol Hill attended by a number of U.S. congressional staffers.

The parliamentary secretary for immigration says the response of Canadians has been overwhelming — he says private citizens are actually complaining they'd like to be able to privately sponsor refugees faster.

Virani also says Canadian media have told positive stories like those about refugees raising money and helping in the aftermath of the forest fires in Fort McMurray, Alta., and suggested it's important to share such stories.

Virani was one of several panellists at an event hosted by the U.S. National Immigration Forum, and moderated by the Washington bureau chief of The Economist magazine.

While Canada has welcomed 28,000 refugees so far and expects almost 45,000 by year's end, the U.S. Obama administration has been dealing with political blowback over its plan to bring in a far smaller number.

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Source: The Leader / The Canadian Press