THRIVE! SURREY IN 2030. A Residents' Lab on the Future of Their City
Friday, October 2, 2015

On November 7th, Surrey residents and community members will come together to image the City in 2030.

At the THRIVE! Residents' Lab, 100 people from all parts of the city and from all walks of life will come together to take part in a hands-on simulation of what it will be like to live in the Surrey of 2030, and to collaborate to build a vision for a livable and prospering community. Participants need to apply by October 12, 2015. To apply please contact SRY2030@sfu.ca or call 778-782-9986.

  • How are we going to ensure there are places to live and work for old and new Surrey residents?
  • How do we build community health and safety?
  • How are we going to provide access to lean air and water for everyone?

There are some of the issues that participants will tackle. The outcomes of the simulation will help inform Surrey's updated Sustainability Charter. Learn more about the benefit to participate.

We know that some residents face greater barriers than others for participating in an event like this. To make the event more accessible, SFU Public Square will reiumburse participants who would otherwise not be able to attend for costs incurred for child care, transportation, etc. Please let the organizers know in your application.

THRIVE! is co-organized by SFU-Surrey, SFU Public Square and City of Surrey with sponsorship from local businesses.