Syrian refugees find work against the odds
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some Syrian refugees who have arrived in B.C. in recent months are bucking the odds by finding employment. 

According to data from the federal government, most refugees don't find paying work in their first year in Canada. 

But Yasin Alhomsi is determined to support himself and his family as soon as possible. 

The Syrian refugee, who was reunited with his father in Canada late last year after being tortured and imprisoned in Syria, recently started work at Torbram Electric Supply in Richmond. 

"My father, [on the] first day when I came to Canada, told the media, my children ... will start immediately [to] work and study," Alhomsi says. 

"And for that, I am proud because I achieve my father's promise for Canadian people." 

Alhomsi and his brother Majd both found work through a youth employment program at Success. The federal government will subsidize their salaries for the first 10 weeks. 


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Source: CBC