Syrian Refugee Crisis CISSA-ACSEI Press Release
Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prime Minister Designate Justin Trudeau’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis is to be applauded but two months is insufficient to adequately support and settle 25,000 additional Syrian government assisted refugees says a national umbrella association of immigrant and refugee serving organizations.

“Prime Minister Designate Justin Trudeau's response to the Syrian refugee crisis by resettling 25,000 additional government assisted refugees to Canada is to be applauded but more time is needed to adequately settle and support these additional refugees,” says Chris Friesen, Chair, The Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance- Alliance canadienne du secteur de l’établissement des immigrants (CISSA-ACSEI). “Let us keep to the UNHCR appeal and time frame for additional resettlement spaces spread over 2015 and 2016.”

CISSA-ACSEI member agencies supports the need for additional 25,000 government assisted refugees in response to the Syrian refugee crisis in addition to private or community sponsorship initiatives but we need more time to put in place necessary program infrastructure, enhancements of system capacity and addressing current challenges in order to adequately support this proposed large refugee relocation movement to Canada.


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