Surrey LIP Progress Report 2014 - 2016
Friday, June 3, 2016

The Surrey LIP Progress Report 2014-2016 was published in May 2016 and contains information about the LIP activities over the last two years and explains how LIP goals and objectives fit into the LIP activities. The following eight main objectives were identified for Surrey LIP in the first two years of its formation:

  1. Enhance community knowledge on issues
  2. Enhance community collaboration capacity
  3. Increase participation of mainstream agencies and businesses
  4. Improve immigrant access to leadership / civic enagegement opportunities
  5. Increase municipal engagement
  6. Improve newcomer access to services
  7. Increase local academic capacity
  8. Enhance community capacity to make Surrey more welcoming and inclusive

Thirty main activities were identified under four activity pillars:

  • Developing a Strategic Plan Activities
  • Fostering Collaborations Activities
  • Public Awareness and Engagement Activities
  • Facilitating Community Response to the Arrival of Syrian Refugee Activities

Analysis of activities revealed that majority of the Surrey LIP activities in this first phase (first two years) were concentrated on enhancing community knowledge on issues and community collaboration capacity as well as improving immigrant access to leadership /civic engagement opportunities.