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Friday, July 7, 2017

Communication is one of the key functions of Local Immigration Partnerships. Whether it is consulting with local stakeholders/public, sharing research findings, advocating for change with senior levels of government or developing and sharing resources, communication plays an integral role in the LIP mandate.

Over the 2016-2017 years, Surrey LIP team has worked on developing a 3-year LIP Communication Strategy to align it with communication goals set in both Immigrant and Refugee Integration Strategies. Establishing Surrey LIP social media outlets was one of key suggested actions in the Surrey LIP Communication Strategy and workplan for 2017-2018.

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About Surrey LIP Communication Strategy

The Strategy was developed with the support of LIP Communication Working Group composed of LIP partners and City/Library staff. Additionally, Communication Strategy was informed by findings from the LIP Collaboration/Membership Evaluation conducted by third party evaluators in 2016-2017. The Strategy was finalized in March 2017.

Four main goals underpin this communication strategy. These goals are interrelated and work in concert to support one another as well as the overarching goal of ensuring that the Surrey LIP has a thriving infrastructure of communication and mutual support among partners.

Collaboration and Coordination of Communication Activities with LIP Partners: The communication practices of the Surrey LIP and its partners promote each other’s work, so as to increase the profile of the LIP.  Surrey LIP communication practices support and enhance the messaging and outreach of its partner organization while also increasing the profile of the Surrey LIP with relevant audiences.

Organization and Streamlining of Internal Communication; Internal schedules and guidelines provide a framework that ensures timely, relevant, and high quality communication materials are sent out by the Surrey LIP.

Impactful and Consistent External Communication: The Surrey LIP provides ongoing communication materials that inform partners, newcomers, and the general public of the Surrey LIP and LIP partners’ work

Advocating for Newcomer Community Issues: The Surrey LIP advocates for changes or improvements to specific, existing challenges and barriers to newcomer settlement and integration through its communication streams.