Surrey LIP News: Our Progress Spring - Summer 2017
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
  • Surrey LIP 2017-2019: In March 2017, City of Surrey signed a new contribution agreement with IRCC for a  3-year funding to support Surrey LIP activities and facilitate the implementation of Surrey Refugee and Immigrant Integration Strategies. Below is a quick summary of selected activities in the last six months:
  • Collective Voice: In April 2017, Surrey LIP Committee met with Minister Hussen to discuss settlement and integration challenges and opportunities for newcomers in Surrey.
  • Refugee Integration Strategy was adopted by City Council on July 25. 2017. The Strategy has four strategic directions, including Refugee Youth, Enhancement of Service Coordination and Social and Economic Inclusion of refugees.
  • Consultants: Jennifer Basu and June Lui were retained to facilitate the implementation of Refugee Strategy and support Refugee Youth team in its activities.
  • Surrey LIP Refugee Youth Team was re-convened  to advance the implementation of the Youth strategic direction from the Refugee Integration Strategy, including organizing a Refugee and Indigenous Youth Dialogue in Surrey.  Applications are open to join the team.
  • English Training for Refugee Youth: LIP received $20,000 from the Community Foundations of Canada to develop informal English language training course for Syrian refugee youth. The program starts in the fall of 2017 and will be developed and delivered by OPTIONS.
  • Surrey Newcomer Employment Week – NEW: Working Group was formed to support the initiative. Surrey NEW aims to build better bridges between employers and newcomer job seekers and service providers in Surrey. Over 35 events will take place across Surrey from October 20 to October 27 2017.
  • Employment Services Brochure for Newcomers in Surrey was developed with the support of Surrey NEW Working Group. The brochure lists over 30 programs and services to support newcomers in Surrey in their job search process.
  • Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable: On May 13, Surrey IAR organized an event “Everyone in Surrey Belongs!” at the Fleetwood Community Centre  attended by close to 100 local residents. In the summer, IAR developed a workplan for the year which includes organizing Surrey NEW activity, support organizing a community Citizenship Ceremony and conduct consultations with newcomer residents. Meet Surrey IAR members.
  • Surrey Youth Services Working Group was formed to support the advancement of Youth pillar in both Strategies. The group met in September 2017. If you are interested to join the group, please contact us at oshcherbyna@surrey.ca