RCMP creates how-to document for understanding new Syrian refugees
Tuesday, February 23, 2016

As the federal government gets ready to meet its target of bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, possibly by the end of the week, the RCMP is preparing a document to help police forces across the country better understand the newcomers.

The document is based on the experiences of four Arabic speaking RCMP staff, both officers and civilians, who spent ten days in Amman, Jordan in January meeting with Syrian families hoping to come to Canada.

They began meeting with refugees at the medical screening facility, but when word spread that some families were so anxious at the airport that they didn't board the flight, the team moved to where they felt they were needed most. 

Sam Jaroudi a civilian staffer at the RCMP says the team began handing out colouring books to the children, and tried answering questions from their parents at the airport.

"They feel the anxiety: 'I'm leaving everything behind, everything I'm familiar with,'" Jaroudi said.

"It's a mother and father and their children, but they have siblings there — or their own parents — who are staying in Jordan or who are still in Syria," Jaroudi said.  "So, yes a lot of people had high anxiety," Jaroudi said.

Jaroudi said the Syrians he met did not have a lot of information about policing in Canada compared to other parts of the world, so he kept repeating this message: 'If you come to Canada and you feel vulnerable, or being taken advantage of, do not fear contacting the police.' That was the key message."


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Source: CBC News