Microloan program helps newcomers in Surrey get Back to Work
Monday, July 6, 2015

Engdasew arrived in Canada in 2012 as a government protected refugee. Although he had over 12 years of experience as finance and accounting from Ethiopia, in order to find a job quickly, Engdasea took the security guard training and began working in that field.

However, his goal was to acquire Canadian certification so he can return to a career in finance. So Engdasew switched to a part time work schedule in the evenings and so he can attend full time course during the day time.
Now he needs to find the financial resources for this venture. Engdasew is ineligible for a student loan and was also not eligible for skills upgrade funding specifically for those who are unemployed. This brought him to DIVERSEcity’s Microloans Program.

Funded with the generous support of Vancity Credit Union, the Microloans Program assists immigrants with low income & ineligible for traditional source of credit.

Engdasews’ ambition, character and determination are the factors considered in a loan application. His application for Back to Work loan was approved for $7500 term loan for 60 months. 

Photo: This is a photo of Engdasew was taken by Vancity staff outside the Vancity Credit Union’s Whalley Branch, where he is now accessing the “Back to Work” Loan.