Meeting with newcomers aims to counter stereotypes of indigenous people
Thursday, January 28, 2016

Newcomers to Winnipeg are meeting with indigenous people Thursday night to break down stereotypes immigrants and refugees might have about indigenous peoples.

"Newcomers who settle in the downtown or anywhere in Winnipeg pick on the stereotypes existing of indigenous people that are very negative, very quickly," said Abdikeir Ahmed, the co-ordinator at Immigration Partnership Winnipeg. 

Refugees and immigrants learn very little about indigenous peoples before they come to Canada, said Ahmed.

"You're told by people who came before you as well as mainstream society that indigenous people are lazy, they're struggling with alcohol issues, they're poor and can't do things for themselves," he said. "Here's an opportunity for us to correct this by providing an opportunity for indigenous people to welcome and provide first-time perspectives on who they are, what their culture is and how we can help each other."

The Indian and Metis Friendship Centre is hosting Welcome to Turtle Island Thursday night, which includes a bannock and stew feast and a meeting about resources, programs and space the indigenous community can share with the Syrian community. Indigenous organizations, immigration and refugee organizations, grassroots groups and the public are invited.



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Source: CBC