Making APEGBC stronger through diversity
Thursday, July 9, 2015

In the latest issue of the APEGBC journal, the President, Dr. John Clague, talked about the benefits of diversity to the organization where over 25% of all APEGBC members have received their post-secondary education outside of Canada. Mr. Clague stated that APEGBC recognizes and celebrates diversity of its membership and plays active role in the area of credential recognition. Below is an excerpt from the APEGBC magazine:

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of attending our  New Member Induction Ceremony in Vancouver. What struck me was the diversity of our new members and  amazing educational and career paths they have taken to  with APEGBC.

A large percentage of the new members at the Induction  grew up and were educated outside North America.
All of them have successfully adjusted to Canadian society and  vitality, new ideas, and superior professional skills to  communities.

Diversity makes APEGBC stronger. Different backgrounds and  make us more innovative and better problem solvers.  and geoscientists with a variety of cultural backgrounds  different professional expertise strengthen project teams,  them an edge with international and local clients.

Today 27.5% of APEGBC members have an undergraduate  from outside of Canada. The top countries of origin for .Eng. applicants are the US, Iran, UK, China, and India. And, in  case of P.Geo. applicants, the top countries are South Africa, UK, and Australia. APEGBC supports the full participation of internationally trained professionals in the BC labour market in their chosen fields.

Source: APEGBC Journal, May/June 2015

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