Layla Rahmeh helping refugees 4 years after fleeing Syria
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Syrian refugee, who fled her war-torn country more than three years ago, is now helping the latest round of refugees adjust to living in Canada.

Layla Rahmeh said on Information Morning Fredericton on Thursday that she had a good life and a top job before she was forced to leave her home country due to the civil war.

Rahmeh said she had to leave all of that behind when she came to Canada, with no money and no job.

And Rahmeh said people who haven't lived through civil war can't really understand what the refugees have experienced or how that shapes their reactions to daily events that others take for granted.

"They have suffered a lot, their reaction might be sometimes really awkward," she said.

"Up until now, and this is my fourth year here in Canada, every time there is fireworks for any celebration, on the new year or Canada Day, I jump out of my place when I hear the fireworks."


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Source: CBC