Interview with Chris Friesen, CISSA-ACSEI Founder and a member of the Surrey LIP Committee
Sunday, June 7, 2015

In the latest issue of the Prosperity To Prosperity e-Bulletin (June 2015), P2P interviewed Chris Friesen, President and a founder of CISSA-ACSEI. Chris is also a Director, Settlement Services with ISSofBC and a member representative on the Surrey LIP Committee.

The interview focuses on how and why CISSA-ACSEI was founded, its evolution over time, challenges and opportunities that the settlement sector now faces, and areas of research that would most benefit the sector.

"The settlement sector plays a key and critically important role in helping immigrants and refugees integrate both economically and socially in Canada. From our vantage point we see the impact of policy changes on the ground through individuals and families as well as on local communities. We must maintain an active role in highlighting the impact of these policy changes through forums like the National Settlement Council.

We are concerned that many of the most significant changes have been enacted without broad public consultation, including through the standing committee structure. We are aware that Ministerial authority and specific directives have been frequently used in recent years to implement some of the most significant changes." Chris Friesen, June 2015

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