INCLUSIVE WORKPLACES: New to Canada, struggling to find work
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Armed with PhDs and a wealth of experience, Shereen Shokry and Humayun Kabir immigrated to Canada with hopes of picking up where they left off in their careers.

They soon faced a common challenge for newcomers to Canada: Getting jobs in the fields they are highly qualified for in other countries.

Today, Dr. Shokry, 43, and Dr. Kabir, 40, are back working in the education system, thanks to a special George Brown College bridging program for internationally trained professionals that prepares them to teach in Canadian colleges.

The one-year certificate program – which also offers students opportunities to network with prospective employers – is just one example of how Canadian colleges are helping immigrants gain solid footing in their new country.

"When I came here [to Canada], entering school again was something very strange for me – to start from the beginning," says Dr. Shokry. Despite her medical and teaching qualifications, initially she could find work only at a call centre after arriving in Canada with her husband, an endodonist also aiming to work in Canada, and their two children in 2015.

Source: The Globe and Mail, October 23, 2017. Read full article.