INCLUSIVE WORKPLACES: Gender diversity in the workplace is simply the right thing to do for BCLC
Saturday, October 21, 2017

When Jim Lightbody first took a seat at the executive table of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation 16 years ago, there was not one woman among his peers. Things are very different today.

Lightbody is president and CEO of the BCLC and four of his nine colleagues are women, and until recently, women outnumbered men at the executive table. As well, 57 per cent of senior managers at the organization are female.

For Lightbody, being committed to gender diversity in the workplace is more than simply the right thing to do, the kind of professional reality that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put so bluntly after his election when asked why half of his cabinet were women. (“Because it’s 2015,” he said.) It’s also common sense and an effective business practice.

“BCLC is in the entertainment business,” Lightbody says. “By our nature, we must be driven by innovation, and our competitive edge is thanks in part to the diversity and passion we’ve cultivated as an organization.”

In 2015, BCLC signed the Minerva Diversity Pledge, publicly committing to the principles of diversity in all facets of the corporation.

“Signing the pledge was, for me, a commitment to being a leader in diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of our organization, but also recognition that there is room to improve,” Lightbody says. “It’s important to recognize that achieving gender parity doesn’t happen overnight. At BCLC, a few strong female leaders set the stage for more women to be confident about their potential to choose an executive career path.”                                                            

Source: Vancouver Sun, October 17, 2017. Read full article