Immigrants tend to be healthier than those born in Canada: StatsCan
Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Immigrants tend to be healthier than those born in Canada, but the "healthy immigrant" effect weakens over generations, a new study by Statistics Canada suggests. According to the study, first-generation immigrants born outside of Canada, have lower hospitalization rates than successive generations born in the country.

“Two explanations exist for healthier new immigrants,” said clinician-researcher Joel Ray, who has conducted his own research on immigrant health in Canada. “The first is that Canada generally accepts people into Canada through health-screening of all new Canadians who emigrate,” he said. “Then, separately, the very nature of the source countries having overall less obesity – and overall healthier lifestyles.”

Using data from the 2006 long-form census and hospital records, researchers found that recent immigrants were less likely to be hospitalized than immigrants whose families had been in the country for multiple generations.



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Source: CTV News.