Federal government urges corporate Canada to do its part for Syrian refugees
Monday, December 14, 2015

Canada's business community needs to step up to help fund the resettlement of 25,000 Syrian refugees, said John McCallum, the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, at an announcement in Ottawa Friday morning. 

CN pledged $5 million toward finding affordable, stable housing for refugees, a gesture McCallum called "the platinum standard" for corporate donations. "I am reaching out to the Canadian business community to show a similar generosity," said McCallum.  He said he plans to speak with business leaders across the country in the hopes of securing similar multimillion-dollar donations. 

"I have said from the start that this is not just a government project. Certainly the federal government has put up close to $700 million. Certainly every provincial government has signed on with enthusiasm," he said.  "It goes beyond government to include every single Canadian to come forward and contribute according to your means." For corporations, McCallum said that means money, and lots of it.

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Source: CBC