Experiential learning for students in an SFU Culture Migration and Aging course
Monday, May 9, 2016

Request was sent by an SFU professor to the Surrey LIP members and partners. Below is an extract from the email:

This an an opportunity for those of you who run programs in which immigrant older adults are participants. I am looking for hosts for undergraduate students who will be taking my Culture, Migration and Aging course from Sept - Dec 2016. Some of you kindly agreed to do this previously and it was a great success. However, I'd like to take a different approach this time.

I'm looking for organizations who are willing to allow a student to shadow the person delivering programs for 4-6 weeks or 8 hours (assuming that the program runs once a week for 1.5 - 2 hours, including set-up). In addition to the practical assistance offered by the student while shadowing, you can request that the student either (a) produce a pamphlet or similar information brief about your program, (b) give a presentation on a topic of interest to your group, or (c) that they conduct a literature search on a topic about which your organization needs some information. Please indicate which, if any, of these options would be of interest to you. If none, I can assign something to the student.

Please also indicate if the student needs a special skill in order to meaningfully assist you in the program (e.g., specific language skills, the ability to teach basic computer literacy). The students will most likely need the first couple of weeks in September to firm up their schedules and arrange the placement with you and they will need to wrap things up by mid-November, after which time they get very busy writing papers and exams.

I see this placement as a win-win for both students and organizations. The students will get much-needed exposure to immigrant older adults and the types of jobs they might apply for if they wish to work with this population in the future; organizations benefit from the extra pair of hands, from the students writing or research skills (if relevant), and from the opportunity to identify future volunteers or employees.

If I am going to offer this option to my students, I will need to hear back from any interested hosts ASAP so that I know I have a sufficient number of you to make this option feasible. Student schedules can be very tight, so I will need enough diversity of programs to match the time frames within which they can attend your programs. If you're interested, please complete the table below ASAP and send it back to me at skoehn@sfu.ca. 

Name of organization

Contact name and email/tel#

Day/time of program

Population served

Type of program (what they do)

Special skills

Possible product (a/b/c, above OR other OR N/A)