Congratulations to the City of Surrey: 2016 IEC-BC Employer Recognition award receipient
Friday, February 19, 2016

On February 17th 2016, the City of Surrey, was recognized at the IEC-BC Employer Recognition award ceremony for championing the Connector program. The Connector program is a simple and effective referral program that helps new immigrants build professional networks and connect with local job opportunities, while increasing employers’ access to top-tier talent who may not make it in through regular recruiting channels. This national, award-winning program has been replicated in 12 cities across Canada.

The City of Surrey is only one of the two municipalities participating in the Connector program in British Columbia. The program was piloted with the City in 2015. Thirteen City's employees from five departments were matched with newcomer professionals in the spring of 2015.

At the end of the pilot, 100% of Connectors - participating employees - reported that they would recommend the program to their colleagues and would like to continue participating in the program and supporting immigrant professionals. Similarly, all Connectees - immigrant professionals - reported that as a result of the program they "have a better understanding of the labour market in BC" and "get all their questions answered".

The City is launching the second intake of the program in the spring of 2016 and planning on expanding the program to other departments.

Read how the program helped one of the Connectees boost her confidence and enhance her job searching techniques.