Conference: Realizing an Inclusive Canada 2017 and Beyond - Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Monday, September 5, 2016

Registration is open for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation's annual conference 2016, taking place October 26 and 27 in Toronto.

The CRRF National Conference is a “don’t miss” for diversity and inclusion professionals, people working in settlement and immigration, community leaders and city-builders.

The 2016 conference will build collective knowledge and generate new ideas for deeper exploration, while exploring issues that remain unresolved and identifying emerging challenges.

This year's event, titled "Realizing an Inclusive Canada: 2017 and Beyond" will feature presentations by practitioners and thought leaders dedicated to strengthening our understanding and acceptance of Canadian values, belonging, promoting Canadian identity and recognizing the mutuality of rights and responsibilities inherent in good citizenship

Program: cities as hubs of diversity; community safety and security; contemporary racism; creed, faith and religion; immigrants and refugees; innovative initiatives, and multiculturalism/interculturalism.

Perspectives: indigenous peoples; communities; corporate; education; public sector; media, and young people.

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Source: Canadian Race Relations Foundation