Canada's Syrian Refugee Plan: 10K Refugees To Come By Year's End, 15K More By February
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Liberal government revealed Tuesday that its promise to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees will take longer and cost more than originally planned.

Rather than bring that many people in by year's end, the resettlement process will now be split in two, with 10,000 to arrive by Dec. 31 and the remainder by the end of February. 

The first group will be made up largely of privately sponsored refugees, whose files, in many cases, have been in the works for months as churches and other community groups moved to assist some of the most vulnerable people fleeing the Syrian civil war.

For the component to be brought in by government, Canadian officials are working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to select people from Jordan and Lebanon. They will work with the Turkish government to find suitable candidates from that country.

Priority for government refugees will be given to complete families, women at risk, members of sexual minorities and single men only if they are identified as gay, bisexual or transgender or are traveling as part of a family. Private sponsors have no restrictions on whom they can bring over. (Source Huffington Post)


Summary Of Refugee Settlement Plan (by Chris Frisen)

- 25,000 Syrian refugees by Feb 28, 2016 - both PSRs and GARs

- 10,000 Syrians refugees will arrive in Canada by Dec 31

- 8,000 PSRs and 2,000 GARs

- transportation loan waived for Syrian GARs and PSRs BUT only for Syrians

- IFH fully restored to PSRs

- PSRs will flow directly to final communities

- GARs, where possible, will flow to one of 36 refugee reception centres - minimal use of military bases

- coming from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

- GAR vulnerabilities including families with young children, women at risk, medically compromised, trauma and LGBTQ

- higher number of arrivals will start week of Dec 7

- flying into Montreal and Toronto by charter planes with some military aircraft used as needed


BC impact - Dec 2015

- 200 PSRs - no details yet on final destinations in BC

- approx. 200 GARs to Metro Vancouver

- transitional reception housing needs easily managed


Jan-Feb 2016 - 15,000 Syrians - primarily GARs

BC Impact - approx. 1,500 GARs

- no estimation yet of projected PSRs and final destinations

May be additional 8k Syrian GARs to the end of 2016 for total of 25k Syrian GARs - receiving mixed messaging - hope to clarify within next 24 hours

ISSofBC has received 761 permanent housing leads to date from throughout BC - we are undertaking analysis to do some initial settlement projections for Metro Vancouver on the basis of current offers and will revert back for your planning purposes