Access denied: Immigration statistics will cost you $1600 per hour
Sunday, July 12, 2015

In this blog posting, journalist Tara Carmen of the Vancouver Sun discusses the challenges in accessing immigration statistics. Below is an excerpt from Tara's latest post:


On Friday Citizenship and Immigration Canada sent me a letter stating that the data cannot, in fact, be obtained through Access to Information, contradicting an earlier statement by one of their communications staffers. The reason you can’t get this information, which used to be freely available online, is because it’s now behind a rather significant paywall.

How much? About $1,600 per hour of research time. For information your taxes are supposed to pay for.

In closing, the author notes "... there are non-profits out there providing service to immigrants who rely on this information to write funding proposals and learn about the communities they are serving. Are they, too, being forced to pay for this information now? If so, I would love to hear from them." Contact Tara Carmen at tcarman@vancouversun.com

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Source: Vancouver Sun