5 things to watch for in the federal Liberals' immigration plan
Monday, March 7, 2016

How many refugees, skilled workers and other immigrants will be accepted in Canada this year should become more clear this week with the long-awaited release of the 2016 federal immigration plan.

The plan is supposed to be tabled each November, but the one for 2016 was delayed by the fall election.

While the Liberals' final deadline for publishing it is Wednesday, it could be released as soon as today when the House of Commons resumes sitting. The annual plan lays out the total number of permanent residents that Canada will accept in the coming year.

The numbers help everyone from provinces to settlement agencies figure out their own service and support requirements for the upcoming year. Over time, the previous Conservative government shifted the balance of immigration to Canada more in favour of economic immigrants.

But the Liberals have already begun a different approach — a massive increase to the number of refugees Canada will accept thanks to the landmark Syrian refugee program.

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Source: CBC