Simar Pabla, Co-Chair
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Certified Career Development Practitioner
Career Counsellor/Case Management Specialist

Community Involvement:

I am actively involved with many community services agencies, for over 10 years, in helping and supporting residents of our Surrey community. I am passionate about guiding and mentoring the immigrants and the refugees in their employment and settlement journey.

Interest in the Advisory:

Being an Immigrant myself, I can relate with the feelings and frustration one has to face when moving to a new place/new country. All immigrants come to a new city with great optimism and a strong desire to integrate. Being part of Surrey LIP IAR Council member, I want to guide and support immigrants in their settlement and integration process which will in turn provide them a sense of belonging and will make our Surrey a better place to live in. This platform will give me an opportunity to give back to my community by sharing my experiences.

Immigrant challenges:

The biggest challenge that an immigrant face is finding a job in their field of expertise due to either lack of Canadian experience or lack of credential recognition.

Vision for Surrey:

 My vision for Surrey is to have the integration process so smooth that all immigrants and refugees find our Surrey to be most welcoming and inclusive place to live in.

Joined Surrey IAR: 2018. Co-Chair, since November 2018