Preeti Hiro, Co-Chair
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Masters in Business Administration
Author and Business Professional

Community Involvement:

I am actively involved in motivating community to have a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about educating families about the cultural and economic differences, helping immigrants to assimilate in Canadian culture with ease. I am a proud member of Surrey LIP and am contributing towards immigrant community's better experience in the relocation to Surrey.

Interest in the Advisory:

I have been an immigrant myself. I come from an urbane and evolved set up in my country and still faced a number of challenges. The challenges for people immigrating here involves making sense of how to go about life, lifestyle, and finances in a new country. I have been there and am conversant with this process. I am determined to contribute my efforts towards creating a more empowered and happier transition for immigrants into Canada and especially Surrey. My objective is to educate the new immigrants about the culture here and help them become an asset to the community.

Immigrant challenges:

The biggest challenge is the lack of insight about how to go about crucial but small matters like managing to get a job, filling an immigrant's transferable skills set, and job profile gap.

Vision for Surrey:

In my experience, this city has a lot to offer; the community is compassionate and helping. I am confident that Surrey is going to continue being an authentic, inclusive community leveraged successfully on the incubated diverse talents and skills that bring prosperity now and for generations to come.

Joined Surrey IAR: 2016. Co-Chair, since November 2018.