Khaleda Banu
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
Hindi, Urdu
MA in History (USA)
Office Manager (Canada)

Community Involvement:

I have worked in various community organizations for several years ranging from cultural group, wellness society and climate advocacy group.

Interest in the Advisory:

Most of my volunteer experience has been outside of Surrey although I have lived in Surrey for over 20 years. I became interested in the Advisory Roundtable because it was a great opportunity to gain experience and social network through the City of Surrey.

Immigrant challenges:

One of the biggest challenges for immigrants in Canada is finding a job in one’s area of expertise or training. The problem usually arises due to the non-recognition of the educational qualification. Most ‘foreign’ degree holding immigrants end up doing jobs where their education or training never gets utilized.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision of the welcoming and inclusive Surrey is to create a place where people feel at home and not a second class citizen. Without a sense of belonging no one can participate and take ownership of the place or city one lives and works.

Joined Surrey IAR: 2014