Aydin Nozhat
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
Farsi, Turkish
MSc, Medical Microbiology
RMT student (Canada)

Community Involvement:

I participated in the Surrey Welcoming Space project and found this experience very useful and rewarding.

Interest in the Advisory:

I became interested in the Advisory Roundtable because I believe refugees and new immigrants will always need help and the best people to help them are people who had similar problems. I always feel that I should help people, particularly those who are in a situation that I can relate to.

Immigrant challenges:

My biggest settlement challenge was to learn English language. I know everything in my new life in Canada depends on how well and fast I can speak its language. One of the biggest challenges for immigrants in Canada is finding people who are able to explain in your own language differences in cultures.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision of the welcoming Surrey is where newcomers have an opportunity and a say in making more welcoming spaces in the city.

Joined Surrey IAR: 2014