Anuja Sawant, Deputy Co-Chair
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
Hindi, Marathi
M.Tech Green Technology, B.E. Chemical Engineering
Environmental and Social Sustainability Specialist Operations Administrator, IKEA Distribution Services CA Inc.

Community Involvement:

I represent Red Dot Foundation Global as a Consultant. It is an organization that works for ending violence against women and girls using crowd-sourced data, community engagement, and institutional accountability. In my work as a corporate sustainability specialist, I have engaged and inspired people to care about other people and planet. I create dialogue and inspire engagement. I independently collaborate with organizations working to create a positive impact on the environment and people. Since I came to Surrey, I’ve done urban farming with Gordon Neighbourhood House (GNH) in Vancouver as a Volunteer.

Interest in the Advisory:

I wish to bring with me my experiences as an immigrant, as a protector of human rights, our environment, and women's safety. I believe I can contribute my knowledge and expertise in these areas as I get to learn about the city I live in with an open mind and heart.

Immigrant challenges:

Overcoming the fear instilled by random people when we arrived in Surrey was the first challenge my husband and I faced. We were told the place is not safe with respect to drugs, shootings, theft, and as if that wasn’t enough - they told us about the constant gloomy weather.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision is to make Surrey a safe and welcoming place for newcomers and to create opportunities for them to connect and grow. People who live in such an environment thrive better, which also brings good things for the city in return.
Joined Surrey IAR: 2018. Deputy Co-Chair, since November 2018