Strategic Direction: Sustainable Leadership

GOAL: The Surrey Local Immigration Partnership has a diversity of members, partners and resources to fully address immigrant integration issues within the community, to sustain and expand its initiatives, and is recognized as a leader in immigrant community and workforce integration. 

In 2016-2017, as part of the Sustainable Leadership Strategic Direction of the Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy, the Surrey LIP undertook the following initiatives:

  • Surrey LIP Committee Meetings: With representatives from 30 groups from cultural, business, academic, health and employment services, the committee has a deep understanding of the immigrant and refugee experience in Surrey. To expand on this understanding, over the last year, the LIP Committee members heard presentations from local community groups including:

    DiverseCity onBoard, an organization that promotes the selection of corporate, non-profit, and other board members from under-represented groups. This presentation was led by the Laurier Institute. 

    Social Sports, a non-profit that promotes newcomer integration through sports.  

    Emerging Leaders Program, the City of Surrey's staff leadership development program.

  • Surrey LIP Evaluation: Surrey LIP undertook an internal evaluation in order to assess the progress of the Surrey LIP in relation to partnership development and to assist in strengthening the LIP for the upcoming implementation phase of the strategic plans. A mixed method evaluation design was employed that included interviews across LIP member sectors, and a partnership survey.
  • Online Inventories: Conducting community-based research and information sharing are the two most prominent roles of the Surrey LIP. During 2016-2017, the Surrey LIP initiated a number of research and data gathering projects. The results of three of these projects were compiled into online inventory resources. These inventories provide access to information on funding opportunities, a better understanding of anti-racism programming around the world, and better linkages to local immigrant and ethnic organizations in Surrey and Metro Vancouver. 

Funding Obtained

As part of the Sustainable Leadership Strategic Direction, Surrey LIP also secured a ranging of funding for various community initiatives including the following:

  • $2000 from Vancity and United Way of the Lower Mainland for the Surrey Welcomes Refugees event that was attended by over 500 community members. Additionally, $6000 were allocated to the event by the City of Surrey.
  • $1000 from Vancity for the We Are Surrey Campaign in which myth busting posters were created and posted around the City of Surrey. 
  • $2000 from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to organize a Special Citizenship Ceremony, which took place at City Hall in April 2017 and attended by over 200 people.
  • $20,000 from Community Foundations for English and skills training for Syrian Youth. Initiative to be developed in 2017. 
  • Significant in-kind contributions were made by LIP and community partners participating in LIP activities aimed at making Surrey more inclusive for all residents.