Strategic Direction: Accessible Services

GOAL: Surrey has a robust and fully resourced settlement service infrastructure where immigrants and settlement stakeholders have ready access to the services, supports and information they need.

In 2016-2017, as part of the Accessible Services Strategic Direction of the Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy, the Surrey LIP undertook the following initiatives:

  • Informal English Language Learning in Surrey: The Surrey LIP commissioned research to better understand the current landscape of informal English learning opportunities, including a scan of existing opportunities and a Survey to assess current needs and trends.
  • Online Inventories: Conducting community-based research and information sharing are the two most prominent roles of the Surrey LIP. During 2016-2017, the Surrey LIP initiated a number of research and data gathering projects. The results of three of these projects were compiled into online inventory resources. These inventories provide access to information on funding opportunities, a better understanding of anti-racism programming around the world, and better linkages to local immigrant and ethnic organizations in Surrey and Metro Vancouver. 
  • Service Map Update: In 2017, the Surrey LIP undertook a comprehensive update of the Surrey LIP Service Map. Descriptions, web links, and contact information for all 250 Service Map entries were updated to ensure that the Service Map remains an accurate and useful tool for newcomers and service providers alike.