Employment for Refugees

Provided here are a number of tools supporting refugee employment:

  • BC Refugee JobConnect -  A web-based platform that brings together BC employers looking to hire, and job-ready refugees who have made BC their home. 
  • Mapping Refugee Skills and Employer Needs in Surrey - IEC-BC will identify the occupational skills and experience of refugees who are currently based in Abbotsford and Surrey and will engage employers in those communities to understand their labour needs better.
  • The Canada-BC Job Grant - An employer-driven, cost-sharing program that helps employers invest in training for their current or future employees. 
  • Refugee Fund - $2 million of the Canada-BC Job Grant have been set aside to support the training of refugees.
  • Onboarding Syrian Refugees: A Toolkit for Employers  - This Toolkit offers information, guidelines, best practices and tips for successful onboarding strategies and tactics in multiple workplace environments. Many of the resources from the Toolkit could be applied to any newcomer group.