What did Martin Luther King Jr. teach us about civil disobedience?
February 21
Surrey City Centre Library 10350 University Dr., Surrey

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Martin Luther King Jr., had a dream. His name became synonymous with nonviolent direct action as he worked to overturn systemic segregation and racism across the southern United States. Join us for a dynamic discussion about lessons from M. L. King Jr.

Moderator: Valeri Mall, SFU student and coach

Valerie Malla is a Simon Fraser University student majoring in philosophy and psychology. She has worked mainly in the legal field, but today contributes part of her time as a life coach. She enjoys engaging with her community in many respects in order to promote social harmony. Her projects include the annual Mother's Day Remembrance event held on Mother's Day for those who have lost their mother or are otherwise estranged. She is also founder of "Philosophers' Stone Café," which seeks to provide philosophy-based instruction to marginalized populations.