Human Library by Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable
July 20
City Hall Plaza

The Human Library activity will take place on July 20th during the Surrey Welcomes Refugees event. The Human Libraray allows "readers" to "borrow" a human book and have a 15-20 minute conversation about the topic of their interest and learn about other countries and cultures.

How to Borrow a Human Book:

  • Attend the event on July 20th at City Hall Plaza
  • Find the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable tent
  • Register with our volunteer to borrow a book
  • First come first serve. Space is limited to three readers per book.

Books to Borrow:

  • Palestinians: 3000-years of culture and history
  • KIaren from Mountain: who are the Karens and where we are from?
  • A Land of Pakistan: challengesof living in Pakistan
  • Muslim Women: why we cover our heads; why we do not shake men hand...
  • Immigration from Kenya ... and India
  • The Unconventional Girl: growing up as a Somali Canadian who was born in Italy