Surrey Libraries
Ravi Basi
Manager Multicultural Services


Surrey Libraries is a trusted, welcoming community organization with a mission to open doors to lifelong learning, information and ideas. We take leadership in promoting the value of literacy and a love of learning. There are 9 branches throughout Surrey that offer an array of services such as free access to books, magazines, DVDs,  e-books  and other online resources. Specifically for newcomers, the library has materials for learning  or improving  English;  story times for helping children read and learn; even programs for improving resumes and looking for work. Free Wi-Fi, Computer & Internet access is  available at all our branches. We also offer space to meet friends or study quietly.

As many newcomers and immigrants use Surrey Libraries, it is important for the library to be part of the Surrey LIP in order to  learn how to offer even better services. The collaborative  and community-based approach of the LIP is powerful and it is helpful to work with the different agencies that serve newcomers.  For a community to be strong and vibrant, people need to feel a sense of connection & belonging. This is a challenge for newcomers initially and the library plays an important role in helping newcomers integrate.