Progressive Intercultural Community Services
Devinder Chattha
Director, Language Studies, Settlement & Social Services


Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society is a non-profit organization operating since 1987. As a community services society, we provide various programs and services including Employment Programs, Settlement Services, Language Services, Social Programs, Health, Human Rights Programs and Housing Services. Our services assist new immigrants, seniors, women and youth. We work diligently to provide responsive programs that address various issues within our community by promoting harmony and intercultural understanding for the purpose of building a more inclusive and mutually respectful society. There is a staff of over 150 throughout the Vancouver and Surrey offices; currently there are 50 active volunteers with the organization.

PICS is involved in Surrey LIP as a Council partner to provide guidance and support to  the program based on its long standing experience providing services to immigrant newcomers. PICS’ mission is precisely to support newcomers to Canada in their process of settlement and integration and help them to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers as well as other related challenges though a series of  culturally and linguistically appropriate programs  as those described above.