City of Surrey, Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture
Daljit Gill-Badesha
Healthy Communities Manager


The City of Surrey’s Parks, Recreation and Culture  Department (PRC) oversees the delivery of parks, recreation, arts, heritage and marketing services. 
The mission of this department is to enhance the quality of life in our communities by working together to:

  • Provide and facilitate the development of high quality parks, facilities, services and events;
  • Embrace and foster diversity and community identity;
  • Ensure accessibility and inclusivity;
  • Champion environmental and cultural stewardship;
  • Encourage and support individual and community wellness; and
  • Develop, deliver and preserve cultural and educational resources and services.

The PRC department is involved in the Surrey LIP because diversity and inclusion are key guiding values for service delivery and community engagement. We seek to ensure that all people feel welcome and included. The PRC department values diversity by celebrating individual difference and viewing diversity as multilayered, with each individual offering unique perspective, experience and ability. We value inclusion by ensuring that our policies, plans, programs and services are inclusive to all people. We are excited to be working as members of the Surrey LIP committee toward the goal of strengthening Surrey’s integration of newcomers and building a more inclusive and welcoming city as this aligns perfectly with the PRC values and mission.