City of Surrey Social Planning
Aileen Murphy
Senior Social Planner, Surrey LIP Contract Manager


Social Planning is part of Surrey’s Planning and Development Department. Unlike other forms of urban planning that focus on the physical or environmental characteristics of a city, Social Planning focuses on the people and building a strong and healthy community. Social Planning staff work with the City’s Social Policy Advisory Committee to oversee the implementation of the Plan for the Social Well-Being of Surrey Residents (Social Plan). The Social Policy Advisory Committee is chaired by Councillor Villeneuve with CouncillorLeFranc as Vice-Chair.

 “Creating an Inclusive Community” is one of the key priorities identified in the Social Plan. The goal of the Surrey LIP, which is to build a more welcoming and inclusive community for new immigrants and refugees, aligns with this priority.  In the past five years, Social Planning has assumed a leadership role on a range of multi-stakeholder initiatives aimed at bringing about social change in Surrey.  The LIP provides an opportunity for the City to convene stakeholders on the important issue of the social and economic inclusion of newcomers.  The City’s Senior Social Planner, Aileen Murphy, is the Contract Manager for the Surrey LIP project. Olga Shcherbyna, a Social Planner with experience and knowledge of  immigrant issues and multi-stakeholder collaborations, is the LIP Coordinator.