TELUS benefits from my past experiences working oversees.
October 13, 2017

I came to Canada in 2013, with a young family, University degree in Computer Engineering a plethora of work experience in India and Kenya as a senior manager. Also, I have always involved in giving back to my community. Yet, as it happens with all newcomers to Canada, I had to struggle in initial phase to get a job related to my academic skill set.

My excellent academic record and work experience did not land me a job. After about four months of desperate job hunting and help from an employment counsellor through a government-funded WorkBC program I was able to find a job at TELUS, albeit a junior role on a contract basis. I had to showcase my skills and abilities to be considered for a permanent position at senior manager level 3 years into the job.

I believe TELUS hugely benefited from my abilities and skillset. My technical background, my past work experience in Kenya and my abilities to working effectively with complex IT infrastructure, involving multiple systems are extremely helpful in my current position. Also my exposure to executive leadership teams and analytical mindset with business acumen helped me deliver effectively on my responsibilities without a long learning curve.

I am grateful to TELUS which has been a welcoming workplace to me since the beginning of my employment, with flexible workstyle allowing me to work from home. This was quite helpful in managing the initial settling phase for me as an immigrant in Canada. TELUS also has a Diversity and Inclusiveness Office that oversees initiatives that promote diversity and inclusiveness across TELUS.

This story was shared by Drastant Mehta in support of Surrey NEW.