Anti-Racism Programs

Title Geography Status Focus
Anti-Racism Action Group BC Active Education, Diversity Training, Vicitm's Support, Policy, Empowerment, Youth, Arts
Anti-Racism and Diversity Mentor Vancouver Active Education, Advocacy, Vicitm's Support, Empowerment, Youth
BC Hate Crime BC Active Vicitm's Support, Policy
CitizenU: An Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying Project Vancouver Inactive Education, Empowerment, Youth, Arts
Community March Against Racism Vancouver Active Advocacy
Cycling4Diversity Metro Van & BC Active Advocacy
DigitalLENS Club Surrey Inactive Education, Advocacy, Empowerment, Inter-cultural Contact, Youth, Arts
EmbraceBC BC Inactive Education, Advocacy
Fresh Voices BC Active Education, Advocacy, Diversity Training, Policy, Empowerment, Youth
Green Thumb Theatre Vancouver Active Education, Empowerment, Youth, Arts
Human Library Surrey Active Education, Empowerment, Inter-cultural Contact
Islamophobia Hotline BC Active Vicitm's Support, Empowerment
Media Arts Program Vancouver Inactive Education, Empowerment, Youth, Arts
Organizing Against Racism and Hate BC Active Advocacy, Vicitm's Support
President's Dream Colloquium on Returning to the Teachings Metro Vancouver Active Education, Advocacy, Empowerment
Racism Dialogue Surrey Active Education, Advocacy, Inter-cultural Contact, Youth
Raise Your Hands Against Racism Metro Vancouver Active Education, Adovcacy
Richmond Intercultural Strategic Plan Richmond Active Education
Safe Harbour Respect for All Metro Vancouver Active Diversity Training, Policy
San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training BC Active Diversity Training