Working Group

Working Groups are made of members of the Surrey LIP Committee, their staff and other community partners who have specific interest and expertise in implementing the actions of the Surrey Immigrant Integration Strategy. In 2016-2017, to work on the implementation of specific actions, the following Working Groups were formed:

  • The True Colours of Surrey Working Group (April - December 2016): guided the development and distribution of an online survey, provided input on the scan of anti-racism promising models, guided the development of the We Are Surrey public awareness campaign and provided input on the format of the stakeholder forum.
  • The Communications Working Group (Summer 2016 - Spring 2017): provided input in the development of the Surrey LIP Communication Strategic Plan.
  • The Surrey LIP Employer Advisory Group (Fall 2016 - Fall 2017): supported development of the city-wide collaborative initiatives, provided input on the development of Go2Resource for Employers and sector dialogues held in March 2017. .
  • The Accessible Services Working Group (Summer 2016 - March 2017): provided guidelines and input in the development of the research project: English Training in Surrey
  • The Citizenship Ceremony Community Committee (Fall 2016 - Summer 2017): a group founded by the Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable with the support of the Institute of Canadian Citizenship and Surrey LIP project team. The Committee organizes a special Surrey Citizenship Ceremony that brings together newcomers, local residents, community leaders and stakeholders in discussions about active citizenship.