Nina Bazie
Country of origin: 
Ivory Coast
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
B.Sc. in Finance & Accounting
Financial banker (Ivory Coast)

Community Involvement:

I am member of la Boussole,  a French community Centre in Vancouver. I also have a connection with la Francophonie House in Vancouver.

Interest in the Advisory:

I became interested in the Advisory Roundtable to help other immigrants integrate more easily into their new community. I believe that the earlier new immigrants have access to information and supports the sooner they integrate and the better and stronger the community becomes.

Immigrant challenges:

My biggest settlement challenge was to get a job. I have the financial and banking experience but there was the barrier of the language and culture to get a job.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision of the welcoming and inclusive Surrey is where weuse our diversities to create a dynamic community. We respect and listen to each other and where immigrants are helped with right and useful information. I community where we support new immigrants and work together as partners.