Mayyadah Al-ani
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
Arabic, English
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Associate Professor

Community Involvement:

I volunteered in BCIT Orientation Day 2014, Muslim Family and Youth Conference 2015, Syrian Refugee Welcoming Event, and English conversation facilitator, a tour ambassador for Surrey City Hall, and a current volunteer for the City of Surrey.

Interest in the Advisory:

As a new immigrant I see myself having the obligation to share my experience and the interesting knowledge I acquired recently with others, citizens and immigrants, so that we can bridge the culture gaps and establish a societal infrastructure that is strong and effective.

Immigrant challenges:

The toughest challenge that I faced was assimilating into the system. Things work very differently here than what was used to. Managing to get employed without a Canadian experience and attending college simultaneously was very difficult especially when you do not understand how things work here.

Vision for Surrey:

I would like to see Surrey an example to the world of multiculturalism and diversity, a loving and caring place for everyone.