Margery Cantil
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
BSc in Nursing BSc in Computer Science
Registered Nurse (Philippines)

Community Involvement:

I volunteer at my church, assisting others through information dissemination especially on immigration matters and what government of Canada has to offer.

Interest in the Advisory:

It is a great opportunity to bring up the real sentiments of our newcomers here in Surrey.  Many of these issues are currently not adequately addressed. It is my utmost desire to help immigrants get easily adjusted to their new home and feel the sense of belonging in the community.

Immigrant challenges:

The biggest challenge I experienced is the competency gap in terms of academic education from our home country to the Canadian Standards. I would say that getting a diploma here or enrolling a bridging programs is so vital to fit our qualification in the market.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision of the welcoming and inclusive Surrey is that new immigrants and refugees will have the sense of belonging become actively involved in the community. Let’s make Surrey a better place to live for everyone regardless of races, cultures and traditions.