Magdalena Mot, Co-Chair
Country of origin: 
Year of arrival to Canada: 
Languages(s) speaks: 
Romanian, Russian, French
MA, Slavic Studies (Canada)
Career Development Practitioner (Canada)

Community Involvement:

As a new Canadian I start volunteering at an international centre for Human Rights education in Montreal. Once in Surrey, I became involved with activities at my son’s school and later on with immigration/ settlement programs.

Interest in the Advisory:

My experience of almost four years working with new immigrants made me a strong believer: there is a world of possibilities out there and it is up to us to challenge it, to aspire, to earn it. My goal is to explore and implement initiatives that would help us embrace diversity and build an inclusive community in Surrey.

Immigrant challenges:

The biggest barrier for me was language. For the first couple of years my entire energy was feeding this powerful engine. And this train is still moving.

Vision for Surrey:

My vision of a welcoming and inclusive Surrey portrays a community with easy access to education focused on building local cultural knowledge, on diversity awareness, on human rights, as well as access to professional networking gatherings for newcomers.