Inclusive City Cafe
September 21
Join City Centre Libraryin September

When do questions like “Where are you from?” turn from curiosity to unconscious bias? 

If your ethnicity (or accent) is different from the so-called Canadian “mainstream,” chances are that you have been asked, “Where are you from” or even worse, “Where are you really from?  

This is a loaded question because it tends to assume that our identity is defined by our ancestry and ethnicity, features that are often linked to cultural stereotypes.  What is identity? Is identity a matter of being (our ethnic “roots") or becoming (our “routes”) or both? 

Moderator: Tim Mossman, SFU Staff

Tim holds an M.A. (TESOL) and a B.Phys. Ed., both from UBC, and has many years of experience in the EAL/ESL field, both in Canada and in Japan.  His SFU experience includes teaching in the Foundations of Academic Literacy course (FALx99) and at Fraser International College.  Tim is currently a PhD student in the Languages, Cultures, and Literacies program in the Faculty of Education at SFU.  His professional interests include critical ethnography, discourse analysis, and “generation 1.5”.  

About Inclusive City Cafes: The Inclusive City Cafés meet every third Thursday of the month and provides a safe and welcoming space for community members to discuss the challenges and opportunities of living in a  diverse community . The Café was initiated in the fall of 2015.

This series is a partnership between the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership, City of Surrey, Surrey Libraries, SFU Philosopher’s Café, and the SFU Surrey-TD Community Engagement Centre.