Career Paths for Immigrants - Information Session
August 28
Coquitlam Public Library

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants - Health is for newcomers living in any British Columbia community with training and skills as a Nurse (RN/LPN), General Practitioner (Family Physicians), Sonographer or Health Care Assistant. Working one-to-one with knowledgeable career coaches, you will gain valuable resources needed to assist in launching your career in Canada’s health care system.

The program is free for internationally-trained healthcare professionals who:

  1. Are committed to pursuing Licensure in the same field as their pre-landing experience 
  2. Have 3 years international work experience* as a certified Nurse (RN/LPN) or General Practitioner (Physician) or Sonographer or Healthcare Assistant (Applicants 19 - 30 years of age or under may apply with 1 year of international work experience in their regulated profession)

Note: Newcomers with a background in other occupations other than healthcare should proceed to Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants – Tri Cities

To apply you must:

1. Meet English Language Requirements

  • Sonographer, Healthcare Assistant: Minimum CLB 6+ or equivalent
  • Nurses, Physicians: Minimum one level below the regulatory requirements

2. Be a Permanent Resident (5 years or less) currently living in British Columbia

3.  Be underemployed and working more than 20 hours per week OR

4.  Not working and not eligible to receive Employment Insurance (EI) or BC Employment Assistance (BCEA) and requiring more than 1 week of training towards certification

5.  Be motivated to conduct an active job search for employment in a health related area

Applicants must also have started the process towards upgrading or certification to practice in Canada:

International Medical Graduates (General Practitioner) - completed their credential source verification with Medical Council of Canada (via and have written the MCEE.

Internationally Educated Nurses (RN/LPN) - started the application process with National Nursing Assessment Services (NNAS)

Internationally Trained Sonographers - started the application process with Sonography Canada.

Internationally Trained Health Care Assistants (HCA) – started application process with BC Care Aide and Health Support Worker Registry

** Applicants who will not pursue directly related licensure in their field and have an Alternate Career Goal within a Health related profession may be eligible for Stream 2/3 in their region. If you live in the Tri Cities area, you could be eligible for a program offered by Douglas College in Coquitlam.

Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Complete and submit the online Permission to Collect Private Data form and Intake Questionnaire located on the side bar.

Step 2

Once we have received your Intake Questionnaire and Permission to Collect Private Data form we will contact you by phone and/or email to discuss your background, career goals, and eligibility.

Step 3

Eligible candidates will be invited to attend an Information Session to learn more about the specific program details.


  • Monday August 28, 2017 at 6:00 pm
  • Location: Coquitlam Public Library, 1169 Pinetree Way, Room 136
  • To register call 604-588-7772 or email