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Welcoming Newcomer Event by Surrey IAR: Everyone in Surrey Belongs!

On May 13, 2017, Surrey Immigrant Advisory Roundtable organized a Welcoming Newcomers event: Everyone Belongs in Surrey! Close to 100 residents registered for the 4-hour event and enjoyed many fun activities, entertainment and great food at the Fleetwood Community Centre. A huge thanks to Fleetwood Community Centre staff for being super helpful during the event. Many local agencies helped to promote the event, including MCC and other community agencies. Event was attended by many local families and there were a number of attendees who just arrived to Canada. Thanks to OPTIONS, M.O.S.A.I.C. and Avia Employment Services (Back in Motion) staff as well as the Somali Youth Organization volunteers for helping to make this event such a success. A special thanks goes to RBC staff who volunteered at the event as a part of their Day of Caring program. The Surrey IAR conducted a short survey on the needs of newcomers in the area. Stay tuned for the results!

  • Surrey IAR  members before the event
Surrey IAR Workshop at C2U Expo Conference

On May 1, 2017, Surrey IAR led a "Community Journey" workshop at the 2017 C2U Expo - Community Jam (pre-conference)  in Surrey. Over 30 people attended two sessions led by six IAR members who talked about their journey, shared their challenges and exchanged lessons with other partnerships.

Surrey Community Citizenship Committee

First Surrey Community Citizenship Committee took place on April 12, 2017 at City Hall. The Ceremony was attended by over 200 community members including 60 new citizens who were sworn on that day. The event included community roundtable discussions, official citizenship ceremony and a reception. During roundtable discussions, participants shared what it meant for them to be active citizens. Discussions were facilitated by a number of community leaders including Steve Dooley, SFU-Surrey Executive Director and Councillor Villeneuve. The event was organized by LIP Citizenship Ceremony Committee co-chaired by Rosy Takhar and Wafa Al-Jabiri.

Surrey LIP Meeting with Minister Hussen - April 6, 2017

On April 6, 2017, Surrey LIP Committee and IAR members met with the Minister Hussen at Surrey City Hall. Over 20 representatives from immigrant serving agencies, mainstream organizations and local immigrant/refugee residents met with the Minister for a two-hour discussion on some of the successes and challenges in the Surrey LIP work.

Surrey Newcomer Youth Conference - March 18 2017

The 2nd Annual Surrey Newcomer Youth Conference took place on March 18, 2017. The event was planned by a Surrey Refugee Youth Planning Team with the support of the Surrey LIP team and two consultants. Over 70 youth attended a full day event and were inspired by amazing keynote speakers like Jorge Salazar who came to Canada as a refugee many years ago and who now runs a not-for-profit organization in Vancouver. Youth learnt how they can fund their ideas, find space for their activities and organize themselves to advocate for and connect with each other.

True Colours of Surrey Community Forum

A daylong Forum on Nov 18th, 2016 marked the conclusion of the True Colours of Surrey project. About 75 Surrey residents, from diverse ethnic backgrounds including significant numbers from Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee communities participated in the activities at the Forum. The group was professionally diverse as well, with non-government organizations' representatives, community activists, government staff, police officers, educators, high school students, and a few business people in attendance. The forum also saw the launch of the We Are Surrey campaign posters.

  • True Colours of Surrey Forum 1
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 2
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 3
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 4
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 5
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 7
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 9
    True Colours of Surrey Forum 10
We Are Surrey campaign - launched November 18, 2016

The We Are Surrey public awareness campaign aims to celebrate Surrey diversity and challenge our perceptions about people. Each person is so much more than meets the eye.The campaign includes 9 posters featuring 18 local residents and online stories about their journey in Surrey. It was developed by the City of Surrey in collaboration with multiple partners. The campaign was launched on November 18th, at the True Colours of Surrey Forum and is funded by the Province of British Columbia.

  • We Are Ambitious
    We Are Caring
    We Are Giving
    We Are Inspired
    We Are Married
    We Are Nuturing
    We Are Proud
    We Are Resilient
    We Are Strong
Surrey Welcomes Refugees event - July 20th 2016

The Surrey Welcomes Refugees took place on July 20, 2016 at Surrey City Hall Plaza and City Hall atrium. The event was organized by the City of Surrey in partnership with the Surrey LIP team and sponsorship from Vancity and the Unite Way of the Lower Mainland. The event was attended by over 200 newcomers who enjoyed a 3-hour festivities offered by over 20 local service providers and Surrey-based community stakeholders.  

Immigrant Advisory Roundtable Newcomer Info Session, April 9th 2016

The info session was organized by the Immigrant Advisory Roundtable members for  Arabic speaking Newcomers. The objectives of the info session included making newcomers feel welcomed in Surrey by their fellow neighbours, sharing stories and settlement experiences with new comers, providing an opportunity for newcomers to network, and  providing leadership opportunities for IAR members. The info session was held at the Guildford Recreation Centre and was attended by over 40 Arabic-speaking newcomers.

Surrey Newcomer Youth Consultation, January 23, 2016

The youth-focused consultation was a full day event that took place on January 23rd, 2016 at the SFU-Surrey campus. Over 50 newcomer youth participated (approximately 50% came to Canada as refugees).  Youth attendees range in age between 14 and 21 years old and the majority of them were high school students.