Semiahmoo House Society
Doug Tennant
Executive Director

Semiahmoo House Society (SHS) came into being in 1957 with the creation of Dawn School, an educational organization created to support people with disabilities who were not allowed to go to a “regular” school. Over the past 58 years, SHS has become a leading community living organization in Surrey and the Province.
The overarching mission of SHS is to achieve the following:

  • People with disabilities live self-directed lives in the community at a justifiable cost
  • People are valued members of society
  • People decide how they live their lives, and make informed decisions
  • The rights of people are protected 

SHS believes strongly in the right of all people to be included in, and valued by, their communities. Through our programs, services, housing, and advocacy, SHS works to make sure that the five to six hundred people we directly support are included in the community.

SHS is involved in the Surrey LIP because we believe that immigrant and immigrants who have disabilities should be valued and included by the community.